LAW OF ATTRACTION claims a person can have anything he or she wants just by wanting it and believing it will happen.

There are thus two prerequisites. One is the burning desire and the other is unfaltering belief. Here are a few facts about

this LAW.

  • Our brain waves act much like quantum physics particles and many scientists believe that brain waves react with these

      particles to form our reality.

  • The brain is not actually a smart organ. It is unable to differentiate between visualization and reality at a subconscious level.

* The law of attraction is neutral. It will cause a person to receive undesired elements just as easily as desired ones. The very fact of thinking one does not want something attracts it as surely as thinking one does want something.

* The law of attraction is not an excuse to sit down and stop striving to achieve desired goals. While the law of attraction states that desiring something will attract it to you, the functioning of this law is that it opens doors and possibilities for you to exploit to achieve the desired end. It is up to you to take advantage of the means.

* According to the law of attraction, and quantum physics, time and space are empty. We fill time and space with our thoughts and actions, meaning the timing of receiving that which we desire is determined solely by how we perceive it how we work toward it.

* The law of attraction has been functioning since the beginning of the universe. Just as the law of gravity affects every one of us, the law of attraction does as well. Everything we have now is the manifestation of things we attracted in the past. That which we attract today will be ours in the future.

No matter how one views the law of attraction, whether we call it the power of positive thinking, the power of prayer, or the placebo effect, it works to bring us that which we want and desire the most strongly. Most people do not realize it is happening because they never think of it in these terms.



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