by Guy Finley

Question: I am taking the biggest risk of my life and am about to leave a long-standing job for a new business opportunity. Although I have basically kept my old job out of fear, there is quite a bit of fear in leaving the safety of the known for the unknown. Any ideas on how to make this new adjustment in life and how to quell the uncertainty?

Answer: Here is a good tip in general when it comes to getting ready to step into anything unknown: Strive to do what is in your power while remaining awake to what is not. It is not in your power to control what will occur or how events will transpire. But it is in your power to be awake to the fearful voices that either project some doom or that denounce you for making mistakes. Realize that these fearful states are secretly trying to keep you captive. The only hold they have is the fear they can get you to buy into about “you.” Remember: Do what is in your power, not what is not.

Excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom

Question: I’d like to be less fearful, more decisive… to do what I must to find peace once and for all. In spite of my efforts, I can’t seem to move beyond certain limits. Is it actually possible to realize self-freedom/transformation in this earthly life?

Answer: Our lives are nothing but a series of invitations, a series of moments in which we run into what we don’t know, in which we are asked to be more than we are. It is a very natural moment where life says to you, “Would you like to live in a larger world? Would you like to have less fear? Would you like to be less hateful? Would you like to be more kind? Would you like to have more peace?” Life brings you moments where it actually shows you a limitation, a point at which you — as you have been — cannot go. If you will see this moment without trying to free yourself from it according to your ideas of what freedom is, then Life will do something for you that you cannot do for yourself.

In that moment there is the possibility of what we’re on this earth to go through, and that is first to look at these moments where we feel limited, troubled, and run into what we think is the end of our understanding, the end of our ability. You can begin to realize that the very moment that the line between what is known and unknown appears to you, that you’ve just received an invitation. Then you work to surrender your own understanding, because you realize that a greater understanding has invited you to this place to do that. So instead of transcending so-called transforming moments, you agree to let the Light transform the self that is always creating its own limits.

Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It’s understanding that what is in your way is part of the way. Then nothing is against you. God has made it so that everything is for you if you’ll do the work to understand this.

Don’t give up! You’ll be tested a thousand times on this. When you look out and say, “There’s no hope, no chance, no way, I can’t, there’s nothing I can do about this,” understand that you are living from the hands of a self that has decided to drag you down and keep you in its world. Don’t you dare allow that to happen to you! You can do the work and begin to place yourself where the Real Power can do the work its intended to, because you understand your relationship with it.



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