The good news is that you can consciously change your relationship to money. Money is a passive participant in this relationship, so you’re free to reassess and redefine the terms whenever you want.

A simple way to do this is by taking the feelings you already have towards certain sums of money, and then re-link them to different sums.

Sit down, close your eyes, and imagine opening an envelope with an amount that seems fairly routine. Perhaps it’s an amount you’d normally expect to receive, such as your usual paycheck. Notice what that feels like. It’s not overly exciting. It’s just a normal, every occurrence.

Now multiply the amounts you used for the first visualization by 10. Repeat the visualization by imagining the original sum you used, and then do your best to stick with that feeling as you visualize the amount on the check flipping back and forth between the old number and the new number.

So if you once felt ho-hum when imagining a check for $50, your goal is to create that same ho-hum feeling when you imagine getting a $500 check. Load up the feeling you associate with the $50 check, and then imagine the amount flipping back and forth between $50 and $500.

Flip the amounts quickly at first, about one cycle per second. Then slow down the rate of flipping, and decrease the amount of time that the original number appears. Keep decreasing it till you’re locked onto the new amount, but it still gives you the same feeling as the original amount.

After you’ve spent several minutes on this, you should be able to imagine receiving a check for the new amount, and it will trigger the feelings that you once associated with a sum that’s 10x lower.

You can repeat this exercise by visualizing a bill, your bank balance, etc., and then shifting those associated feelings to sums that are 10x larger. So if you feel comfortable having $5000 in the bank, create those same feelings of comfort with $50,000 in the bank. You want that $50,000 sum to feel normal, not overly exciting or unrealistic. Too much excitement will push it out of your comfort zone — and out of your reality.

While it may seem like freaking out about a large bill or getting excited about a big check is a reasonable thing to do, these feelings push you beyond your comfort zone. You undoubtedly have a strong tendency to stay inside your financial comfort zone; it doesn’t feel good to spend too much time outside of it. But it’s possible to move up a financial tier by changing the monetary amounts that define the edges of your comfort zone. You make it possible to receive more by first getting comfortable with the idea of receiving more.

In Law of Attraction language, this is equivalent to becoming a vibrational match for receiving more money. Instead of pushing that experience away by associating it with emotions that are outside of your comfort zone, you can bring these amounts into your comfort zone. This makes it easier to take the actions that will lead to those bigger checks. You can create the expectation that this is a normal experience for you, which makes you a better match for receiving it. I’ve used this approach very successfully.

Personally I find it very rewarding to jump up another tier in income. It’s not about the money per se. It’s about exploring a new world of opportunities and experiences that were previously unaffordable. Experiencing different income levels adds more variety to life. It also makes it easier to appreciate each level for its unique lessons, challenges, and joys. Being in jail taught me to appreciate my freedom. Being broke taught me to enjoy the beach. With a little more money, I began to appreciate that I could afford high-quality organic produce. With even more money, I fell in love with travel.

If you’ve been feeling bored with your current income level, perhaps it’s time to move up a notch and gain access to new experiences. I’m happy to help you do this as I continue to blog about passive income. I’ll be continuing this blogging series for many more weeks since there’s still a lot more to cover. But for now, use the ideas I shared above to begin shifting your comfort zone. Start getting comfortable with the idea of earning more money. Don’t push it away with too much excitement or drama. Try to reach the point where it begins to feel normal to you, so you believe and expect you can get there.

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